I Want This!

Uppercase Scarf from Veer

$58 from Veer

I think that this scarf would be fun to wear!My only worry is that it seems fragile, I would be so sad if it ripped or caught on anything.

Find it here on Veer.

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Na na na neutra face

I saw this video a long time ago, but even if you’ve seen it, it’s definitely worth re-watching! Lady Gaga & an homage to a typeface, isn’t this a designer’s dream?


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She & Him and Me & My Temporary Blog

Even though my web design class has ended I’ve decided to continue to maintain my blog. If you’re interested in my previous entries you can find them here. I will probably archive these at some point. So while I work on building my own site which will host my portfolio and this blog, enjoy this little in-between blog.

And now on to something fun…

she&him front and back cover

The front and back album artwork- done by Kate Quinby

This album is great and the design is delicious! It’s nice to see good album artwork and design especially when almost everyone buys or illegally downloads their music off of the internet. Kate Quinby designed the album artwork and also designed the She & Him logo, which I believe is set in neutra. I’ve linked the image to her site and I encourage you to visit it while listening to this cd! I love the color scheme that she choose and how it has this vintage feel. I would say that my favorite song is “In the Sun”, in fact I’m going to listen to it right now.

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Black Swan

Black Swan Retro Inspired PosterMerry Christmas!

I still haven’t seen Black Swan, but from what I hear it’s a really great movie. I mainly want to see it for the costume design, which was done by Rodarte.

The poster above was created by the British design firm LaBoca. They actually created a set of four posters that were inspired by Czech posters from the 1960’s/70’s. The one above is my favorite, I love how the swan overlaps the silhouette of the woman.

View the four posters by LaBoca here.

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