Poli Posters

So I just watched All the President’s Men, it’s about how two reporters from the Washington Post, Woodward and Bernstein use investigative reporting to unravel the very beginnings of the Watergate scandal.

Anyways, I started thinking about political posters, like the poster by Shepard Fairey that famously depicts Obama. Even though we’ve got tv, youtube, twitter, blogs, and the internet in general isn’t it great that when you think of Obama’s campaign one of the first images that comes to mind is this poster?

obama hope poster by shepard fairey

This is really the only modern day political poster that I could think of. Most of the other one’s that I have seen are just parodies or propaganda.
I guess to stay on theme with the movie here’s a political campaign poster designed by Andy Warhol.
andy warhol policitcal campaign poster against nixon
Underneath the poster it says “vote McGovern” who was Nixon’s opponent in his reelection campaign. My guess is that Warhol was trying to say that the American public should picture someone else as their president.

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