How Strange!

I just watched Stranger Than Fiction the other night, for those that haven’t seen it I think it’s one of Will Ferrell’s best movies. He actually has a serious side in this movie, which really nice to see. My favorite part of the the movie though is all of the little info graphics and typography that appear throughout the movie. It really emphasizes the main characters organized number based lifestyle.

The opening and ending credits are both great and the movie overall is definitely worth watching. I wonder what program was used to make the credits? I think it might be after effects? I would like to make movie credits someday, as random as that sounds it seems like a fun project!

Here’s the opening credits

and here is the closing credits.

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Here’s Some Pretty Fancy Info

Whoa, I’m long over due for a blog post. This week was hectic too many midterms and deadlines! But I’ve found plenty of inspiring things and we hopefully show them all in the next few days.

First off… I found this site The Office of Feltron which has some great infographics by Nicholas Felton. Though I haven’t had the chance to transform some confusing data into an understandable visually friendly format, I’ve always been intrigued by info design. Most of Felton’s designs use solid colors and bold shapes. They look so clean and fun, but also official.

real simple info graphic

I also love this color combination!

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Process vs. Product

I really want to learn how to screen print posters. I’ve been looking at a lot online and they are so beautiful, though I feel that the big draw to screen printing is due to the actual process. Sometimes I think the work that goes into making something is more important then the work itself. It feels good to put time into things and to say that you actually legitimately made something. I’m sure I could make a fun poster using PS and AI, but would it be as satisfying?

Kate Banazi is my inspiration for today.

Kate Bananzi screen print

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Type Calendar

january 23rd typeface design

This great type calendar gives you an interesting bit of history for the day, a fun image made with type, and also tells you what typeface was used. I think it’s a great way to become introduced to new typefaces. I also like how only numbers are used, I don’t really think about what the numbers look like when I think about type faces… It’s nice to focus on something different!

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Giclee Yay!

I think that someday (hopefully) when I have my own apartment I would like a print like this to be on display in my living room.

a graphic giclee print

I found this print on Etsy, I like it because it’s muted, abstract and only $35! Click the image to view the rest of the prints by Inaluxe.

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Poli Posters

So I just watched All the President’s Men, it’s about how two reporters from the Washington Post, Woodward and Bernstein use investigative reporting to unravel the very beginnings of the Watergate scandal.

Anyways, I started thinking about political posters, like the poster by Shepard Fairey that famously depicts Obama. Even though we’ve got tv, youtube, twitter, blogs, and the internet in general isn’t it great that when you think of Obama’s campaign one of the first images that comes to mind is this poster?

obama hope poster by shepard fairey

This is really the only modern day political poster that I could think of. Most of the other one’s that I have seen are just parodies or propaganda.
I guess to stay on theme with the movie here’s a political campaign poster designed by Andy Warhol.
andy warhol policitcal campaign poster against nixon
Underneath the poster it says “vote McGovern” who was Nixon’s opponent in his reelection campaign. My guess is that Warhol was trying to say that the American public should picture someone else as their president.

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Alphonse Mucha…

is my favorite artist. I first saw a picture of his work in my art class in high school. Ever since then I’ve always been fascinated with his work. Now, I’m not a very obsessive person, I hardly ever manage to decide what my favorite anything is, but I truly love Mucha’s work. The style of his illustrations have always inspired me, they are always so detailed and ornate. Though today his work is deemed art, most of Mucha’s work are actually posters serving commercial purposes! One of my favorites is the one shown below for Job Cigarettes.

Alphonse Mucha- Jop Cigarette Poster

1898 Color Lithograph

I’ve hardly done this artist justice. If you want to see more of his work or learn more about Much I would recommend this site.

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